About UpToDate

UpToDate is an upcoming website that will write news with the justice it deserves. Impartiality is our ruling philosophy.

Domain icon Laissez-faire management

Our company does not have ties to the big conglomerates that rule the news industry nor the other industries and will not have corporate interests sway our writers.

Person icon Journalist background checks

We don't want another Claas Relotius writing for us, so we've employeed a team of fact-checkers to examine a journalist's backlog of prior articles before we hire them.

Dollar sign icon 100% funded by you

We believe that our success should not be determined by the virality of our articles, but by your trust in our journalism.

Cancel icon No ads nor sponsered content

Readers should have a clean, minimalist reading experience, without being cluttered by ads or deceptively written sponsered content.